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Evans Head and surrounding areas have a major history of sand and gold mining going back to the 1880’s.  It is part of the larger history of mining in Northern NSW which covered other important substances including copper and asbestos.

There were many Chinese and New Zealand gold miners, as well as Australians, who worked the beaches and inland areas around Evans Head for gold. Chinaman’s Beach and New Zealand Beach on Dirawong Reserve reflect this mining history. Initial interest in gold mining was stimulated by the discovery of gold in the black sands or ‘sniggers’ on beaches created by the actions of waves and wind.

By the 1920’s gold mining had mostly petered out but there was a resurgence of interest in mineral sands in the 1950’s with large scale industrial sand-mining all around Evans Head for minerals such as ilmenite, rutile, zirconium and gold. Much of the advanced processing for the minerals occurred at Woodburn. Legacy effects from this mining can be seen today.